Bushy Tailed Fox

February 15, 2012

This has been the year of the fox at our house. This summer we had a family of four – a mama and three cubs – as regular visitors to our back yard. They came around almost every day, digging in our compost pile for goodies and eating the leftover dry cat food from the dishes on our back porch. They got so brave that we could stand at the door and watch them eat, only five feet away. The cubs grew up and went their own way and we have only seen a fox occasionally over the past month or two.

Yesterday this big fellow came down the hill and started eating out of the compost. He would watch carefully for a few minutes, run 10 feet or so to the compost and grab something out of the pile, run back up the hill where he could keep a better eye out for any trouble and eat his treat, then repeat the process. I stood on the back porch photographing him for quite a while, until we both got bored.

Here he is digging the compost for a snack.

fox in compost

Keeping an eye on me while he eats.

fox looking

A rare shot of an open mouth so his canine teeth are showing.

fox teeth

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and he was a beautiful subject.

fox profile

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Ann Lasko February 29, 2012 at 10:06 am

How much fun Missy! You have definitely inspired my creativity.


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