Roll Brim Hat – adult

December 9, 2012

The design of this roll brim hat is simple yet looks good on almost anyone, and the hat can be knit in a weekend. I’ve made so many of these hats I’ve lost count. You can vary the look greatly by using a variety of yarns. I’ve made them with solid colored yarns, handpainted, self striping, […]

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Knit Peapod Baby Hat

July 5, 2012

Baby’s mom was kind enough to let him model the hat for me. When I first made this adorable cozy Baby Cocoon, I thought it needed a matching hat. After some experimenting, I worked out the pattern, and I’m very happy with the results. The Peapod hat is knit with bulky weight yarn on large […]

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Harry Potter Scarf

April 19, 2012

I wanted to knit something for my son, so what better than a scarf inspired by Harry Potter? I did some online research and learned that the Gryffindor scarf has the same maroon and yellow colors but is knit in different patterns for each year of Hogwarts. Who knew?  Apparently this particular pattern is from […]

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Knit Baby Cocoon

April 4, 2012

These little cocoons (or sleep sacks) are all over baby photography websites and Pinterest. The first time I saw one, I thought, “I can make that, no problem.” Thankfully, I found a free pattern and have a few pregnant friends and co-workers I can make them for. Since I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, […]

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Knit Hippo Hat

January 15, 2012

My daughter saw a crocheted hippo hat on Etsy and asked me to make her a knit one. I looked at the photo and decided to plunge ahead. I had a basic idea of what was needed – knit an earflap beanie and add the hippo details of mouth, teeth, ears, eyes and the flower […]

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Baby Hats

December 8, 2011

I love to knit, and I love making baby hats because they are quick and easy and so much fun to make. At one point this summer, I made five hats in one month for my many pregnant friends and family members. This simple rolled brim baby hat can be made in several hours, and […]

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